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Maid In Business is a community helping cleaning business owners to build their business, grow a team and make more money!

Why Maid in Business?


ON not IN!

Cleaning business owners spend so much time working “IN” their cleaning business — cleaning, covering cleans, out quoting, recruiting staff, collecting cleaning supplies etc. — that they often don’t have the time to learn how to improve their business skills to be able to work “ON” their business.

I can help you with task and time management, create systems and processes, and guide you through the business cycle.


What about the other stuff?!

You’re great at cleaning, and I get that, but what about the other stuff: Business Planning, Marketing Strategy, Sales, Pricing and Finances, Operations & Logistics and Administration. I can help make sense of allll this with you.


Kiss the Mop goodbye!

I can teach you how to understand your business finances along with how to set budgets and plan goals. Once you know the numbers, you can plan how you earn whilst growing your business and becoming mop-free!

I can teach you the skills needed to become a confident, mop-free, thriving and profitable cleaning business owner.

I ran a domestic and commercial cleaning business for over 14 years. I know that running a cleaning business is hella hard and can get hella lonely! I have walked in your shoes and would love to work with you to achieve a (healthy) work/life balance whilst making money and feeling empowered.

Let’s Go! Clean Up Your Business Skills!

What can Maid in Business do for your business?

Learn business skills

This website has been designed to help YOU learn valuable business skills to level up your cleaning business.

I can teach you how to run the backend of your cleaning business like a pro! I can teach you how to market your business and plan for your future. The lessons I will teach will help your cleaning business to achieve actual, money-in-the-bank results. Yeehaw!

No hype, only realness!

There will be no hard sell, no blagging, and no theory here, just many real-life lessons learned from 14+ years of growing and running my own cleaning business and brand.

Before starting a cleaning business, I worked for over 10 years in large corporates and have a wealth of experience in sales, team-building and business development.

I walk my talk

Over 14+ years, I’ve had great success with my cleaning business. I started with a cleaning bucket and a dream and went on to  build a team of over 40 cleaners, managers and supervisors and serviced thousands of clients.

My business became the most prominent private cleaning business in my area, and I was mop-free and working around 20 hours a week maintaining it thanks to the systems and processes I designed.

Use Maid In Business to learn from my mistakes and benefit from my experience to save yourself time, money and lots of crying in a corner! 

Trial and error come with sucking up a lot of failures…I want to help you skip those bits!

You know that saying “I wish I knew then what I know now”?
Maid in Business was designed to be that knowledge for you!

What does Maid in Business do for you?

Learn business skills


How hard can it be?

Most people think “how hard can it be to run a cleaning business?” – Quite hard as it happens!


Processes matter!

Running a cleaning business is no different to running any other type of business – the P&L, attrition rates, profits, and processes matter!


What does it take?

To run a cleaning business, you need to be self-motivated, self-disciplined and highly focused on your goal (and you have to stay that way too). You will juggle cash flow, staff members, new business and that tricky customer who you just can’t please no matter how hard you try…

The best way to cleaning business success?

Is to learn how the business cycle works, to run the back end of your business like a pro!

A bucket of cleaning products and a dream will not be enough, it’s time to expand your business skills

Topics we will cover

Pricing & Finances

Sales & Marketing


Back-Office Admin

Systems & Strategy

grow a profitable cleaning business with Maid In Business


I started my cleaning business over 14 years ago to fit around my then-young family.


On this website, I will detail my mistakes and failures, successes and wins, and share my extensive business development experience to help YOU start and grow a successful cleaning business.


I can help you get mop-free in your cleaning business without going through a million trial-and-error mistakes that cost money, time and sanity!


I worked for 10+ years in sales and business development for large corporations, and I can teach you all the skills you need to run the back office of your business like a pro! 


I KNOW it’s hard out there… Running a cleaning business can be lonely, and trying to grow and manage one can be scary, so let’s connect so you can tap into my experience and knowledge.

Take The Next Step in Your Cleaning Business today!

Whether you are just starting out, about to turn Limited or VAT registered, thinking of adding on a new services, franchising your brand, or even selling your cleaning business, I can help!

Book a call with me – tap into my knowledge and experience in business development, sales, branding and business strategy. I can help you get unstuck and MOVE on to your next cleaning business goal

Do you need…

Help to get your cleaning business to the next level?


Help with your sales, marketing or branding?


Help with your business strategy and planning?


Help with your recruitment and staff retention?


Help with developing procedures for your cleaning business?


Help with a particular staff, client or business problem?


A fresh pair of ears and eyes on your cleaning business?

Sessions can be booked as either:

A one-off slot for a specific problem or issue.

In a DEEP DIVE session, we will have a 2-hour zoom call and discuss where your business is now and where you want it to be, find out what is blocking you and work on a solution to fix the problem or issue.

Each Deep Dive coaching session includes the following:


1 x 2hr video call + 1 x Business Action Sheet + A copy of my session notes + Any needed templates + Accountability follow up on WhatsApp for 4 weeks

If you need more than a one-off Deep Dive session, you can book a series of coaching sessions with me from 3 coaching sessions, 6 coaching sessions or even 12 coaching sessions – you can book these sessions as and when you need them* or we can book them in weekly or monthly to keep you accountable and on track.


Each 3, 6 or 12 coaching sessions includes a 1-hour video call, + Business Action Sheet after each session + A copy of my session notes + Any needed templates, + Accountability follow-up on WhatsApp for the duration of your package and 4 weeks after your last session.

Are you and your business ready for a change?

All the best and top people have a mentor and coach; athletes, entrepreneurs, politicians, and even Presidents and Prime Ministers!

A coach can support you and your business, act as a sounding board and enable you to look at your business differently and in a new light.

A coach can help you find the wood within the trees and take you and your earnings to new levels by bringing their experience, knowledge and know-how to the party!


Want to see how we could work together? Book your free consultation call and let’s chat!

Contact me about your cleaning business needs and I will get back to you directly. Grow Your Cleaning Business – with an investment in coaching from £100 per month

get more eyes on your business with 50 actionable marketing tips!

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Kelly x

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