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Surviving and thriving in business is hard, you gotta be a lot of things

If you follow any online business-type pages, you will see a gazillion posts and inspirational quotes online about all you need to be an “entrepreneur” is faith in yourself, buckets of will power and enthusiasm, and yeah, while those things are great an’ all, they won’t keep your business thriving and surviving without a plan and direction 🤷🏼‍♀️⠀So, in reality, what you gotta have…⠀

👉🏽 You gotta have a business plan – This does not have to be a big ol’ novel of a document, it can be a one-page mini plan. The essentials you gotta cover is:

  • What are you selling?
  • Who are you selling to?
  • What does it cost to provide the service?
  • How will you deliver you service?
  • How will you sell more of your service? By what methods?

👉🏽 You gotta have a marketing plan – Again, this does not have to be a complicated event – see this older MIB video for the reasons why your cleanng business needs a marketing plan

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • Where will you find them? On what social platforms?
  • What is your ideal client looking for from a service?
  • Is your message, on your social media posts, on your blog, on your leaflets etc. on point to that audience? ⠀

👉🏽 You gotta have an operating guide – this is a step-by-step guide of all your practical processes within your business

  • How do you do all the tasks that you do within your business?
  • If you took on someone new tomorrow how would you train them to operate like you?
  • What are your processes for everything to how you answer the telephone, to how you deal with a complaint?
  • If you died tomorrow could your business carry on or not, is all your knowledge trapped in your head – does anyone else know what you know?

👉🏽 You gotta get a grip on your finances and what the financial reports and terminology in your business really means – see last weeks video on Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know 

  • Do you know your break even point?
  • Do you know your gross operating profit?
  • Do you know your net profits? ⠀
  • Do you know what profit margin your business operates at?

Now, I’ll grant you, my version of ‘You gotta Have”: is not as catchy as Des’ree’s ditty but in business you gotta be smart above all and that means having you house in order

Having a business plan, a marketing plan, an operating guide and a grip on your finances, combined with enthusiasm, self-motivation and will power is the ONLY winning formula that will not only help grow your business exponentially, but it will also enable you, as the business owner, to back out of the day-to-day operations when all the business ducks are in a row, now wouldn’t that be nice?

Would you add anything else to the ‘you gotta have’ list for a business to grow and thrive? Let me know in the comments below

Financial Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know

Do you know the difference between a creditor and debtor? Do you know what a business uses a balance sheet for? How about your fixed costs?

Don't worry I've got you - download the Maid In Business Financial glossary which will explain all you need to know

Visual learner? Watch the YouTube video that accompanies this glossary - Video: Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know 

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