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How To Write A Press Release

PR – Public Relations – is the business of managing the output of information , through a press release, about a person, brand or business.

We spoke about what PR was in our last post, so if you didn’t catch that please click this sentence or the picture below to re-cap before you dive straight into writing a press release.

In this post, we will talk about how to write and structure a press release for your cleaning business in more detail.

It’s time to get the spotlight on you and your business!

How To Write A Press Release For Your Cleaning Business - A step-by step guide from Maid In Business

The simple guide on how to write a press release

How To Write A Press Release For Your Cleaning Business - A step-by step guide from Maid In Business

Headline – Your headline should be snappy, to the point and relate to your article. Your headline should be 15 words or less.

Paragraph 1 – Introduction to your business and a brief explanation about the product/service/promotion and it’s main features or benefits to the reader. Your paragraph should be 25 – 50 words.

Paragraph 2 – The 5 W’s – Who, where, what, when, why –

Example: “ABC Cleaning Services, based on planet Earth, are launching a new steam cleaning service, from July to all of their existing and new clients. ABC Cleaning Services big boss said: “We believe steam cleaning will help eliminate the dirt in our client’s homes without the need for chemicals. We like to give our clients value for money for a great service and do our bit for the environment too”

Again, 25 – 50 words for paragraph two

About/Bio – A brief wrap up of who you are/who your business is:

Example: “Joe Bloggs, the owner of ABC Cleaning, started making homes sparkle in 2000 and has not stopped since. ABC Cleaning employs 15 local people and it services over 100 local homes every week. The trusted local company specialises in end of tenancy and after-party cleaning services”

How To Write A Press Release For Your Cleaning Business - A step-by step guide from Maid In Business

Things To Think About Before You Write

Is this piece of PR really necessary?

Are you announcing something for the sake of announcing something?

Will anyone care what you are writing about?

Are there any benefits to what you are trying to promote to the reader? Is the benefit listed in the article?

Last but not least, make sure you have a news angle to the product/service/event you are promoting, don’t just flat-out promote it, as no one wants to read a page long advert! Make it interesting and give the reader a reason to go past the first paragraph!

Good luck with your writing and let me know how you go,

Until next time,

K x

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