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What Legal Structure Is Best For Your Cleaning Business?

As a budding cleaning business start-up star, I am guessing that you want to get on with the doing in your business and not learning about what legal structure is  best for your cleaning business or thinking about paperwork and processes?

I get it, you want to be out there, wowing the world, making your fortunes and here I am wanting to talk to you about paperwork – yeah it’s serious and blows, BUT it is necessary to be legal and organised in running a business my friend, so we’ll crack on shall we…

Paper Work and Staying Legal In Business

As a “do-er” myself, I feel your pain when it comes to sitting down to do your paper work and keeping things ship-shape. I will admit, admin is not my strongest skill set – it’s not that I can’t, it’s more a case of, I don’t wanna (said in whiney-child like voice). Paperwork is boooorrriiinnngg, it takes up time and it doesn’t make any money – well technically, yes, yes and no, as without your paperwork being in order and without you knowing your pennies and pounds, you won’t and don’t have much of a business!

So, suck it up buttercup and know that business admin can be your friend with the right processes in place.

In today’s Maid In Buisness cleaning vlog, I speak about legal structures, what they are, what paperwork you are responsible for under those structures and what all businesses need to be and stay legal. Sexy topic eh? If it helps with viewing, my dog makes a cameo in the video?

Discussed in the Maid In Business cleaning video are:

  1. What ALL businesses need to be legal
  2. The definition of a sole trader and the responsibilities
  3. The definition of a partnership and the responsibilities
  4. The definition of a limited company and the responsibilities
  5. How to organise your financial paper work in a quick and easy way
  6. Cloud based bookkeeping software and the things it can do for your business

Congratulations on sitting through the most serious of the videos I have done, gold stars all round.

What did you think of the points mentioned in the video? Do you feel more clear about a businesses legal structure? Do you have further questions about legal structures of about business admin, if you do, please drop me a line below

What did you think bout the admin tips for paperwork? Do you have any super-duper ways to organise your paperwork that you think should be added? Share your top tips below, as you never know you could help out another fellow cleaning business owner – share the love people, share the love.

Extra Reading!

The links for the HOMEWORK extra reading, as mentioned at the end of the vlog video are below: – Guide to legal documents for your cleaning business –…

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Kashflow, cloud-based accounting systems link – (I use this for my cleaning businesses)

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Financial Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know

Do you know the difference between a creditor and debtor? Do you know what a business uses a balance sheet for? How about your fixed costs?

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