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In this post we discuss what is social media marketing and why we need it in our businesses. But first, what is marketing?

Marketing is taking our product or service from concept to client – marketing is creating a method of making our product or services stand out from the crowd and gain the attention of future buyers through promotions, campaigns and advertising.

Social media marketing is marketing but through social networking sites and the Maid In Business can teach you how to set those accounts up and how to make the best of them.

Take at look at a short video from Maid In Business where Kelly will explain all about social media and the best ways of using it for your business

What are your top tips for using social media? What areas of social media do you have problems with and would love to see a video on? Please leave your comments below or use the contact form – I would love to help and if I can I will, so please ask away…

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Financial Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know

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Don't worry I've got you - download the Maid In Business Financial glossary which will explain all you need to know

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