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What Is PR?

PR stands for Public Relations and in its simplest terms, it is the practice of managing the spread of information from a person/brand/business to the general public.

You can watch a brief video here explaining what PR is:

How Should I Do The PR For My Cleaning Business?

You can pay an agency or freelancer worker to write your PR pieces for you or you can do it yourself.

Option1 – PR Agency/PR Freelancer

An agency tends to handle the writing and distribution of all articles for your cleaning business. An agency will normally require you to be on an on-going retainer with them, which means you pay a set fee every month for a set amount of work. Some agencies would do a one-off or periodic press releases for advertising and exposure but expect to pay a bit more for a bespoke written article.

A freelancer may be ex-agency or be an ex-journalist, and will have the skills to write your PR pieces for you, although many won’t distribute. so it is best to check first if you need distribution thrown into your price. If you are not very confident about writing your own PR a freelancer is the most cost-effective option for small businesses.  check out freelance sites such as

Check out freelance sites such as Freelancer, PeoplePerHour or Elancer for starters.

Option 2 – You Write Your Own PR Pieces

What can I write about my cleaning business?

A new product or service – tell the world why they need your cleaning service in their life. What are the features and benefits of what you sell? Tell the people, they need to know…

A new staff member/promotion/recruitment drive – tell the world you are growing, business is good and you are bringing jobs into the local economy. Raise your profile as an employer and as a trusted business

An award/recognition – Win something? Nominated for something? Rocking your industry? Yeah you are. Now go shout about it from all the hilltops (and on and offline media) that you can!

What is PR? Business Advice For The Cleaning Professional - Maid In Business Blog

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