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What Is A Brand Anyway?

If I asked you to name a smartphone, a burger or a running shoe, off the top of your head, I would bet that that you would give me a brand name…

The brand of a smartphone/running shoe came to mind easily and naturally to you, didn’t it?. It is programmed in your psyche.

The ‘brand’ is the badge of the business; the identity, the thing that makes a business known and recognised across all platforms both on and offline.

In some cases a brand has become synonymous with the object – a prime example of this is the word “hoover”, people say all the time “I’m going to hoover up” but, Hoover is a brand, whereas a vacuum is an object and the verb.

What Is A Brand Anyway? Business Advice For The Cleaning Professional | Maid In Business Blog

Watch the below short video for an overview of what a brand is:

So after watching the video, I would you to think about your cleaning business and answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think your business has a distinguishable brand? Why? What sets you apart?
  2. What feeling and/or thoughts do you want people to have when they hear or see something about your cleaning business?
  3. What is your brand promise?
  4. What is your brand personality?
  5. Is your brand in check? Can you recognise your content on any platform, both on and offline?

Do you have any thoughts, questions or add-ons that you would like to make to this post? Do you have any advice or a story about how you decided on your brand? Please share your thoughts and stories in the comments; I would love to hear from you.

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