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Do you want to be the boss? You’ve been thinking about going self employed for a while haven’t you? I mean, how hard can it be right?

Do you have what it take to be the boss?

Some people will have visions of business owners as being people who are rich, take long lunches and work in their PJs, and that’s even if they work that much at all… The reality is often very different – it goes more like this; Start up business owners work 50, 60, 70 + hours a week, they are seldom rich, (if anything first starting a business will make you poorer for a while) and although the PJs thing might be slightly true up to a point, there is still always work going on, and lots of it.

To be the founder of a business you must be so dedicated and committed to your dreams, even in the days/weeks/months it feels the whole world is against you, as you will have those times. It hard and lonely out there alone sometimes.

Watch the video from Maid In Business, where Kelly discuses the 6 traits, below, that are essential to being a business owner and why.

  1. Physical and mental fitness
  2. Clear, focused vision and goals
  3. Educate themselves
  4. Self-discipline, commitment and motivation
  5. Tech and IT savvy
  6. Understand people

What other traits do you think a business owners needs to be successful? What would you add to the list of traits? I would love to hear any thoughts you have in the comments section.

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Until next time,

Kelly x

Financial Terms Every Business Owner Should Know

Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know

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Don't worry I've got you - download the Maid In Business Financial glossary which will explain all you need to know

Visual learner? Watch the YouTube video that accompanies this glossary - Video: Financial Jargon Every Business Owner Should Know 

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