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If at first you don’t succeed…

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently” ~ Henry Ford

We all fail from time to time. We all have plans that don’t go the way we want them to in our minds. Maid In Business has been one of those things for me. This blog is about starting again after failure.

It’s been almost TWO years since I posted anything for Maid In Business. I had tried to run this blog alongside my own cleaning businesses Mrs Mopp and MMCS but it did not work

Maid In Business did not work due to my lack of consistency. I was spinning too many plates and could not keep up with my own self imposed work load. I was creating videos, editing, creating graphics and scheduling other content besides my “day job” content and, in honesty, my day job suffered as I took my eye off my businesses, to work on Maid In Business.

Let’s just say, it got messy all round and it has taken me awhile to put everything right and to get ready to start again after failure.

Many lessons were learned last time I tried to juggle so thought I’d share some of them with you, just in case you are trying to start too many things at once 🤓

1. My businesses did not have nearly enough processes & systems in them to be able to work without me

I have an operations manual for my business that I designed after multiple bouts in hospital and being on bed rest due to several autoimmune condition flare-ups throughout 2012 – 2015/6. I created my ops manual so that the businesses could run without me in the event of my being poorly, going on holiday, falling under a bus etc.

My operations manual was my ‘Plan B’ for being able to keep my businesses alongside my health conditions (even though the doctors and my family wanted me to quit and walk away). My operations manual covered everything I did to gain success, when I first started Mrs Mopp, from how I answered the telephone, to how to quote, through to what to do if an item is damaged on a clean.

An ops manual is like a living thing, it’s not a case of write it once and it’s done. Nope. An ops manual will need regularly updating as technologies change, or systems improve, or you find a new and better waya of doing things. An ops manual should be growing and changing as your business grows and changes

When running Maid In Business the last time, I was still very hands on in my cleaning businesses. I was still being called several times a day by the managers and supervisors asking, “how should I do X”, or, “This has just happened with a client/cleaner what should I do now?”.

On a personal front, I was still responsible for things like payroll, bank reconciliation and credit control… I had convinced myself I was backing out when in reality I wasn’t and the operations manual wasn’t as thorough as I had thought

How I fixed it: I put Maid In Business on pause. I went back into my businesses, sat with the managers, supervisors and cleaners and talked about what they needed. I rewrote and simplified large sections of the ops manual and then designed a training program to break down each section in order improve the overall training of my team.

The final step was to train my most trusted, longest serving and capable manager to essentially become me. Once the new general manager was trained I started handing over responsibilities. It has taken me some time but I now have all my branches running independently and I’m no longer involved in any of the daily operations within of my cleaning businesses

How you can fix it: If something is broken within your business (or life), don’t keep going with it, stop, face up to what’s not working (and what part you are playing personally in that) and start working on a solution to get the outcome you want

2. If you distract yourself with starting something new whilst a first business/project is not complete, you will suffer pain in that first project (and ultimately the next one you start) as diversifying from your core without a plan WILL make you drop the ball in all projects – this is true of adding another service to your business before you have your core offering tighter than a tight thing, never mind starting a whole new venture 🤦‍♀️

How I fixed my distracted mind and how you can to:  I now try to stay on the F.O.C.U.S method of doing things

F – follow

O – one

C – course

U – until

S – success


3. Plan, plan and then plan some more – I was creating content for my cleaning businesses and for Maid In Business on the fly. I would try and record 2 weekly video’s, edit, create graphics, write blogs etc, as well as support all my teams and businesses. I’d try to do everything in the same week or the week before the content would be due to be posted 🤯

Not only is this method of doing things hella’ stressful but it leads to complete lack of consistency in all businesses and projects.

If an emergency or a situation out of your control crops up that you have to deal with what happens to the content? I’ll tell you – it leads to posting any old crap too just so you can been seen to be posting something. Ugh.

How I fixed it: For my return I’m doing the whole work smarter not harder thang. I’ve batched content, I’ve planned my topics and research in advance and, most importantly, I’ve removed myself from all my business six days a week so I am not trying to be all things to all men

How you can fix it: Regardless of what stage of your business you are at – regardless of the current state of your business it is never too late to start to plan for your future and for your business. It is madness (when I think on it now) to try and navigate your business without a plan, I mean, you wouldn’t go on a big ‘ol journey without a map or GPS would you?!

What has been the biggest shocker of truth to you in your business, let me know in the comments?

Oh, one last thing, to try and stay on top of my MIB game…

I’ve dropped Twitter and Facebook as platforms (post coming on this soon), I am going to be posting to instagram on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday and I will be releasing a new YouTube video every Wednesday 😬 I do want to get back into the “Q&A Thursday” videos too as I think they are helpful to the cleaning community but I’m thinking of doing it live and monthly – what do you think?

In conclusion, you can get things wrong and you can fail, but after you’re done with your pity party, dust yourself off and try again ❤️

Thanks for being here, thank you for being patient and please, kick my ass if you see me dropping the ball again!

K x

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