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Social Media Marketing & Marketing Planner For Your Cleaning Business

You know you need to market your services and products to get clients through the door. You know you should be using social media to tell the world about you and your business. What you are stuck on, is how to keep on track of everything.

If only there was a super-duper easy way of staying on track of our marketing activity both online and offline… well there is. Read on.


You can download a copy of the Maid In Business Social Media marketing and Marketing planner, at the bottom of this post, free of charge, to use in your own cleaning business.

Let’s walk through the sections of the social media marketing and marketing planner, so that it will all make perfect sense when you come to complete your own planner.

  1. Month = work three months (a quarter at a time). This will stop you get flustered with all the things you have to do in a year. It will keep you focused to concentrate on a quarter at a time and it will also help you spot mistakes or areas that are not working for you and your businesses much quicker.
  2. Real World Activity – what is going on, in that quarter, in the real world? Write down holidays, celebrations, traditions etc. This can help you plan campaigns and special offers that are relevant to your clients – i.e special discount vouchers or offers for Mothers Day, or a competition to win a free spring clean in March
  3. Hard Marketing – Leaflets drops, networking events, exhibitions, newspaper ad, PR campaign etc. This section is for real life, more traditional, types of marketing.
  4. Blogging topics – Keep a track of what you are going to write about. Put your headings in here, or your topics, so that come writing day you are not scratching you head!
  5. Call To Actions – What is it you want people to do when they read your post, watch your video, see your leaflet? Always have a clear call to action for what you are doing
  6. Social Media Focus – Plan what you will use each of your best social media platforms for – how will they aid your business and achieve your call to action?
  7. Grow – Use this space for a quick shot of what your targets are. E.g., Grow your twitter followers by 30 people, or, take on 8 new hours of business etc.
  8. Newsletter – What will be the main focus of the newsletter – use all the above information to compile your newsletter – use content, special offers and calls to action
  9. Month Goal – What is the main goal you want to achieve? Grow new hours? Grow brand and reputation? Get 50 people on your email list? < This goal is the whole reason you are doing points 1 – 8!

Take a look at the video made in conjunction with this post and if yu think this information could be useful to someone else, please SHARE, SHARE and SHARE some more 😉

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