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Sales Vs Marketing

What Are They And Why You Need Both For A Successful Cleaning Business

Sales VS Marketing Maid In Business

Sales and Marketing are two words that you will hear all the time in business talk both on and offline. As a cleaning business owner, I am sure you have heard, watched or read that you should be working on your sales and marketing strategies for your cleaning business? But what are sales and marketing? What part do they play in growing a cleaning business? Are they the same thing?

In today’s video, I will walk you through some of the differences between sales and marketing and, by using examples, I will show you the  different ways they appear in our businesses on a daily basis.

Recap of the video:

The simplest way I can break down the differences sales and marketing is basically this…

Marketing is seduction and sales is the act of doing the deed!

Let me elaborate…

Marketing is the act of seduction; it is the drawing in of interested parties towards your brand and what services or products you offer. Marketing is used for advertisements, social media campaigns and product launches to name a few functions. Marketing should be centred around the demographic you wish to attract to your cleaning business and should make the potential client want to call you. Marketing requires a creative and analytic personality, as you must monitor and analyse your results to see what works for your business

Sales is the act that seals the deal! Sales is direct and is all about the close. Getting the ink on the contract and the money in the bank! The sale the final act of your marketing activity. Sales can utilise cold calling, peer networking, and face-to-face meetings as some tired and tested techniques. Sales people require resilience and perseverance and buckets of self-motivation… oh, and you can not be too bothered by the word no!


 What is Sales?


What is Marketing?


What do you think of today’s post and video? Has it helped you gain and understanding of the difference between sales and marketing? Is there anything else you would like to add? Please drop me a line below…

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