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The One Minute Sales Pitch: One thing that strikes fear into the hearts of business owners everywhere.

How do we succinctly tell a room of strangers what we do, in a minute or under, without appearing fake, sale-sy or a complete waffling waffler?

It’s tough, to start with, and it will take practise is the answer.

Below is a how to guide, from the Maid In Business, to help you master the one minute sales pitch – dun dun duuuuuuuuun!

One Minute Sales Pitch | A How To Guide

A good one minute sales pitch should tell your audience 3 main things:

  1. Who you are and what your business is called
  2. What is fabulous about your business (and why they need it in their lives)
  3. What you want from them (call to action)

Now let’s break down those three items to make them a little clearer and easier to deal with

1. Who You Are

In twenty or seconds or less, you need to deliver your name, your businesses name and what it is your business does. A little something like this:

“Good morning, I’m Kelly, The founder of ABC Cleaning Services, a domestic and commercial cleaning service operating here on Earth and the surrounding galaxies”

You don’t need to be fancy and creative here, just give the facts in a clear manner: who are you? What do you do? Where do you do it?

2. Features & Benefits

It’s no good to just stand up and basically reel off your businesses contact details, as quickly as possible, so that you can sit down and be over with your turn. Would you feel inspired to buy from somebody like that? Would you be itching to talk to that person in the break, as they had you are filled with questions and wonder? No, no you would not, in fact you would have probably forgotten their name and what they do by the time they have gotten to the end of your table!

In order to make your pitch stand out from all the rushed and rambling messages, you need to make peoples ears stand up to attention. You achieve the attention by telling your audience some of the awesome things your business can do for them. You may need to tailor these features and benefits depending on the audience you are talking to, in order that they are relevant. Keep this section to 20 seconds or less…

Try something like this:

“We have been proven to cut our clients facility spend by 10% as we manage the whole janitorial process; from supply of products, to high quality cleaning, to all standard checking and audits”


“We offer a complete 24 hour money back guarantee on our domestic services, as we are confident we can sparkle your home to a high standard. We have over a hundred testimonials that agree and I would be happy to share with you”

3. What Do You Want?

Obviously you want to sell your product or service, that is why you are putting yourself through this uncomfortable and heart pounding experience right? Everybody at a networking event is there for the same reasons and everyone knows it – however it is not considered correct etiquette to just out right sell; it is considered bad manners and soooo 1990’s sweetie to go for the hard sell. Instead of selling we must build relationships, be social and develop our trust, in order so that we may… um.. sell.

To build a relationship with someone it has to start somewhere. You need to invite people to you and develop a call for action within your pitch for what it is you want the audience to do. You could ask an open question, make a statement, use a statistic or tell a joke; so long as it is relevant to your industry and pitch and has a cal to action attached to it, I say go for it, stand out from the crowd and try something different to reel your audience in.

For example:

“If you are interested in learning how I could save you 10% on your cleaning product spend, please come and talk to me in the free time”


“Go to to try our free quoting app and compare our prices and services against your current supplier”


“What would you say to an hours free cleaning in your home? Please collect your discount coupon from ABC Cleaning when you leave. I will be stood by the entrance from 10 past onwards”


They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression and here at ABC Cleaning we are committed to delivering the wow factor to your offices and buildings. Please speak to me in the break to find out about our cleaning money back guarantees. We put our mops where our mouths are!”

Please, please, please make sure you have at least one call to action – don’t waste all your hard work, preparation and nervous stomach to just stand up and quickly roll off your business details and then sit down. You have may as well not have gone to the event.

Watch the video on the One Minute Sales Sales Pitch from Maid In Business for a re-cap:

You have this… I believe in you. You are going to have to practise to get your pitch perfected, know that, but, know too, that you can do it!

Good luck and let me know how you get on with laying your pitch out via Twitter, Facebook or Google +

Kelly x