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In the last post, from Maid In Business, “Services, Clients and Prices: Is Your Business In Order” we looked at evaluating our cleaning services in the grand scheme of things within our business. In this post we are looking at our cleaning services in more depth.

Let's Talk About Your Cleaning Services | Maid In Business


In today’s post we are going to learn the lesson: “Thou shall have a small and consistent product or service offering”. In order to get our cleaning service or product offering ship-shape, we must first be able to answer the following three questions:

1) Are your products or services true to the core values of your business?

By this I mean: if you are an oven cleaner, why are you offering a house cleaning service too? If you are a house cleaner, why are you walking the clients dog or doing the ironing? Think about all the services and products you offer – do they match your businesses goal and vision? Do your services make it clear what type of business you are? Are you confusing people selling a miss-match of things that are vaguely connected but not really for a niche?

2) Do your products or services add value and benefit to the clients you are trying to sell them to?

Okay, so ask yourself: why would someone buy my product or pay for my service? What does my product/service do for them? What does it give them? How does it make their life easier? What problem does my problem or service solve for my clients? If the answer is nada, scrap it.

3) Do you know the profit margin on each product and/or service you sell?

By this I mean: How much money are you actually making on each product/service, once you have subtracted material costs, labour costs and overheads? If you are not making very much you have to ask yourself 1) Can you sell it in large volume so that the low margin (profit) does not kill you? and 2) Is this product/service really worth my time, energy and effort for the amount of money I am seeing in return? If the answers come back no and no, scrap it.

Once you have scrutinised your services and/or products and whittled them down to a few select core services that are high in margin, we need to look at what is included within your service and then stick to that remit when you take on new clients. For example if you are a domestic house cleaner, you need to decide if you clean windows, skirting, ovens, beds, inside of cupboards etc. in a standard clean or if you should spilt that into a standard clean and a deeper clean service? You need to decide if you supply the cleaning products or the clients? Do you want to paid weekly or monthly?

Think about what is included in your service – what do you sell – what does it cost – does it make you money? If not, scrap it!

Take a look at the video below giving an overview of this post.

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