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Is Starting A Cleaning Business Right For You?

So you want to be your own boss and start a cleaning business? You may have been a cleaner for years and are fed up of doing it for someone else and you feel the time has come for you to run the show? Great news, but how will you know if starting a cleaning business is right for you? Do You have what it takes to become self employed?

Are You Cut Out To Be The Boss?

Running your own business, even just a cleaning round for one, is hard work. Very hard work. You will worker harder for yourself than you will have ever done for any employer you have ever worked for but you will equally feel more rewarded and empowered than you ever have done working for an employer. To be self employed, it requires a lot of personal motivation, commitment and dedication. You will have to physically as well as mentally fit and you will need to be prepared and have a plan for yourself and your business, to be able to succeed.

Top 5 Traits Of Successful Business Owners

  1.  Have a clear focused vision for their business – Where is their business now? Where do they want it to be? How will they get it there?
  2. Have Self discipline – Motivation, dedication and commitment are required by the bucket load!
  3. Educate themselves – Never stop learning, never stop reading, never stop trying new things
  4. Are tech savvy – The world of cleaning businesses is no longer confined to leaflet drops and an ad in the local newspaper; you need to be switched on to technology!
  5. Understand People – You will be dealing with a lot of different people, from all walks of life, and need to be able to communicate effectively and with ease to all you encounter

There are many other traits necessary too – check out these articles from on the 8 Common Characteristics of Successful Business Owners and an this article from on the 25 Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs.  

What do you think makes a good business owner? I would love to have your feedback or comments below.

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