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Clients are the life blood of your business. If no body is buying from you then you don’t have a business. But who are your ideal clients and how do we find new clients for our business?

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In order to know know who are ideal client is we need to know what demographic we are targeting – a demographic is a specific section of consumers that match the ideal qualities that your would like for you business, so that you are able to market to these potential clients better.

In the video below from Maid in Business, Kelly explains all about what a demographic is in detail and how to recognise your demographic for your business. Also in the video Kelly talks, in two sections about, firstly, start up and newbie businesses who need a little help in finding clients and, secondly, established businesses who may need some fresh ideas to help them in attracting new clients.

I hope the video helped make clear the basics of what will be a beginning to the sales and marketing section? If you have any questions, queries or are unsure on anything and would like a little more explanation, on an of the topics covered, please leave a comment below or contact me via the contact form and I will be more than happy to help.

Thank you for stopping by, great to have to along. Want to continue or start a discussion with me? You do, great – I’m on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Google + too, so come say hello!

Until the next time,

Kelly x


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