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Welcome to Maid In Business, an online information resource created for cleaning business owners by a cleaning business owner. There is no theory here, all the talk has been walked!!

Maid In Business was founded by me, Kelly Ward, after I was approached several times by other cleaning business owners asking for help with their sales, marketing, and business branding after watching me develop my own successful cleaning business and the Mrs. Mopp cleaning brand

Why Tune Into Maid In Business?

I know that running a cleaning business is hard! Running a cleaning business requires boundless energy and focus, and being a cleaner/cleaning business owner sometimes does not come with the respect it should! We are not taken seriously as a profession.

I’d like to help change that view…

Cleaning business owners tend to spend so much time working “IN” their cleaning businesses that they often don’t take the time to learn how to grow and develop it by learning how to work “ON” their business

This blog and vlog are designed to help YOU learn about the business cycle and to teach you sales, marketing and branding techniques that you can implement in your business immediately and get real, money-in-the-bank results with

There is no hard sell, no blag and no theory here,  just a whole lot of lessons learned from growing and developing my own business and brand, combined with over 10 years corporate sales and business development experience.


Walking My Talk

Over the last eight years I have had some great achievements, with my cleaning businesses – some great highs and many successes with both the commercial and domestic cleaning businesses I run, BUT I have equally had as many failures and made a million-billion mistakes too.

You know that saying “I wish I knew then what I know now”?

Well, Maid in Business was designed to be that knowledge for you!

Start a cleaning business and make money

The Business Cycle

Most people think “how hard can it be to run a cleaning business?”

Well, it’s very hard as it happens and is no different from running any other type of business out there. You need to be self-motivated, self-disciplined and extremely focused on your goal (and you have to stay that way too) while you juggle your cash flow, the staff member that just let you down, and that tricky customer who you just can’t please no matter how hard you try…

The best way to cleaning business success?

Learn how a business works.- This site will help you do that, I promise!

There are several elements needed to run and build a successful cleaning business. A bucket of cleaning products and a dream will not be enough, it’s now time to expand your grey matter!

Topics the Maid In Business will Cover:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Branding
  • Business Planning/Business Strategy

I understand that thought of starting a cleaning business or the dreams of growing your cleaning business can be scary and it can all seem a little bit serious but I promise you I will try to make all posts, vlogs and how-to guides as plain and simple as possible, and as fun as possible – so please, take the tour of the site, sign up for the newsletter and come and connect with me across the interweb on Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube

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Hey! Hey you there, reading this – I would love to get some feedback from you! I want to know what you want help with? What brought you here? What do you wish you could watch a video on for your cleaning business?

I want to help cleaning business owners, I don’t churn out blogs and vlogs for my general amusement, I actually want to make a difference to your bottom line!

So please tell me… What do you need to grow your cleaning business? What question are you stuck on? Tell me your pain points and ask me your question via Facebook or Twitter and if your question is a doozy I’ll even dedicate a bad-ass vlog in your honour!! 😉

I look forward to growing your business with you and please, share this blog with others you think it could help – Thank you, Kx

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