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It’s a sparkly, fresh New Year and with that we are filled with renewed optimism and hope. We feel the need to set goals and promise ourselves we will do better this year and that this year, yes this year, it will be our year…

We want to actually achieve our goals though right and not just make an empty promise to ourselves?

See below for my thoughts and systems on how to set goals and achieve them. I hope it helps… now go get ’em tiger!

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The Goal Setting 8 Step Plan 


1. Decide on your goals

Sounds pretty obvious right? And it would be, except it’s not. When you start to think about your goals for the upcoming year, you need to keep it real. Don’t set a million goals and only achieve two, as that will just make you feel rubbish and we don’t want that, we want you empowered, feeling good.. ready to smash the next goal. Keep it simple and narrow down your goals to no more 5 or 6 priority goals.

2. Visual It

The best way to make your goals real to yourself is to see them and not just in your minds eye. You could use Pintrest or other visual online sites for this exercise but personally, I like a good old fashioned motivation board stuck to my wall where I work. I suggest cutting out pictures and sticking them to a page, along with the a written summary of the goal and a deadline.

3. Make a plan

Now you have your goals you need to figure out how to achieve them. The best way to do this is to work backwards, from the end result, through all the necessary steps until the tasks are smaller and more manageable to deal with. You will naturally find what you first step is if you keep working backwards.

For example: Your goal is to take on a staff member. The order in which to achieve this goal will go something like this (remember you start with the end result you want to achieve and work backwards until you find the first step!)                                                                   New staff member  = decide what the staff member will do/is for in your business – develop a job description – have training available – have the money (cash flow) to pay for wages/uniform/equipment   – Attract new clients  – drop leaflets/run a competition/run an ad to get new clients

4. Set deadlines

If you are serious about achieving your goals then you must hold yourself accountable. When deciding on your goals, you need to think about how long it will take to complete it. I would advise concentrating on one goal at time so that each goal has your undivided attention and more chance of becoming a reality. A deadline will make your goal real and stop it staying on the forever-ever.

5. Delegate & Outsource

There is a saying that I like, that I have now added into my inner-voice speech, it goes thus: “You can do anything but you can’t do everything”                                                                  Trying to do every little thing yourself within your business, to achieve your goals, is a waste of your time and efforts. Seriously. You will have strengths and weaknesses, as we all do, and my advice to you is to outsource and/or delegate your weaknesses – why would you spend hours doing your bookkeeping, for example, when you could be out earning money with your strong skill sets and paying someone else a fraction of what you have earned in that time to do the accounts for you? No brainer right?

6. Schedule It

We have goals, we have pictures, deadlines, a plan and have delegated the stuff we suck at – now we need to create the schedule of all the tasks we are responsible for to make the dream a reality. Be honest with yourself when creating a schedule, don’t book out two hours to write a business plan, or a week for a complete re-brand, as unless you are giving up sleeping, it won’t happen. Stay real – think about what available time, outside of actually running your business/being with your family/sleeping, you have that you can realistically block out for uninterruptible project time.

7. Monitor

Keep a track on yourself to see how you are getting on and how much closer you are to achieving your goal. Depending on the timeline you have set yourself for achieving your goals, you may want to have weekly, monthly or quarterly reviews with yourself. Monitoring yourself should also help you spot potential problems and sort them out or change tact, giving your a greater chance of success

8. Celebrate

Celebrate your successes – all of them – the little ones on the way to the goal and then go big when you reach one of your priority goals. The celebration doesn’t have to be fancy – I happy dance for small goals and take my family out for dinner for bigger ones – just celebrate. Say well done to yourself, be proud of yourself and your dedication and commitment. You did it champ 🙂

Watch the below video for a re-cap on goal setting for you and your business.

How do you set goals and track them? What works for you? Please share below as your answer just may help out somebody else. If anyone has a go at making their own motivation boards, I would love to see them, please tag me in your picture on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest or Google +

Kelly x