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Create A Recruitment Process For Your Cleaning Business | Part 1| Maid In Business Blog Spot

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Do You Need A Recruitment Process For Your Cleaning Business?

Taking on a new employee and growing a team is an exciting time for your cleaning business. What is the best way to recruit? Is there a recruitment process to follow?

I often get questions asking what is the best way to recruit cleaners and grow a team. The email is often borne out of frustration that the cleaning business owner is facing of either not finding good people to hire or finding people who leave or who are not reliable

In this vlog post I run you through the above diagram of designing a recruitment process for your cleaning business:

For those who like to read…

Step by step guide to the 1st stage of the recruitment process

Job description – Make a list of all the tasks and duties you would expect a cleaner to undertake. Make a list of expected standards and expected behaviour. For example, I repeat the words “reliable, consistent and hard working” throughout my job descriptions, and those words are carried on again on the contracts of employment and in the cleaners training guide. Make sure you say what you want, a job description is not a place to be vague

Advertise the job role – You need to let the world know you are looking to hire. Design an advertisement based on your job description and place it, free of charge on recruitment sites like Indeed or Universal Job Match. Place the advertisement on your website and use eye-catching images place your advertisements on your social media channels.

Create A Recruitment Process For Your Cleaning Business | Part 1 | Maid In Business Blog Spot

An example of a social media advertisement I use in my cleaning business, Mrs Mopp

Telescreen – Personally I don’t like to waste time, either my own or the applicants, by arranging a face to face interview staright away. I feel it’s best to gage the applicants attitude and enthusiam with a telephone conversation. I have a list of prepared questions, that either I or one of my managers would use to determine if the applicant is what we are looking for and a good match for our team and business – If the applicant is not answering after repeated calls, is very flat on the telephone or if the applicant does not have the right experience, skills or aptitude this is when you thank them for applying and inform them they were not successful at this time

Interview – Arrange a face to face interview to put the person to the voice. An in person meeting allows you to look at their appreance and cleaniness, asses their body language and attitude, and to ask more detailed questions about thier experiance, along with questions such as “what would you do if broke or damaged an item”, to gage if the individual is a good fit to your business and your businesses culture and values.

Trail Clean – This is not for everyone but is something I like to do in my business. A trail clean should be no longer than 2 hours and should be as it says, a trial. Ask the applicant to clean a kitchen, bathroom or a spefici area – without your guidence and direction – to see what their idea of clean is, to see if they are someone you think you can work with and give instruction to

Rejection – If the applicant was not what I wanted after the interview, I would reject at that stage. If someone did well at inteview but then was very difficult, or not to a workable standard for example, I would reject after the trial clean. I feel it is important to give feedback to the applicants and to let them know they were not successful rather than just leaving a person hanging, that’s not nice and ot’s not professional.

Job Offer – Yay! You have found someone who did well on the telephone, face to face, and someone you know can clean to a level you can work with. Fist pumps all round!!

Create a Recruitment Process For Your Cleaning Business | Part 1 | Maid In Business Blog Spot

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