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Competitor Checking – Why You Should Be Doing It For Your Cleaning Business

We all know of those cleaning businesses who always seem to be tweeting about a new contract, or you often see them in the local paper for something great their business has achieved? But how do they do it? Why are they so good?

We should be inspired and learning from the best in our fields; watching them.

In todays post we talk about how to build our competitor file and how to know who our top 3 competitors are.


** Disclaimer: This is not a post advising you stalk your competitors or think about what they are doing at all times of day… no people, That is not productive, we don’t want that. Competitor checking should form part of your business planning and should be undertake every 6 to 12 months only. As a benchmarking exercise. got it? cool. **

Who Are Your Competitors?

When you go to a quote, for a potential new client, do you make it part of your sales pitch to always ask who they are currently using or if they have ever used  a cleaning service in the past?

This is a MUST question – sometimes, (rarely) a client will not want to say what cleaning companies they have dealt with but generally they will be happy to tell you who they have used and why they have left them. If you ask this question at every quote you go to, you will soon see the pattern of who gets called the same time as you! Learn their name: check them out.

Website, Marketing & Social Media Presence

Start to research the cleaning businesses who’s name pop up time and again in your working life; do they have a website? Do they blog? Do they have a Facebook, Twitter or Google +? Do they have special offers? Do they display pricing? What do their leaflets look like? Does their brand match across both online and offline?

What are they doing that you are not doing? What looks better on their website or leaflets that they are doing which you are not? What looks worse? What do you think the main differences are between you? How can you make sure the first phone call from the potential client goes to you?

Take a look at how your competitors post and what they post. Take a look how they engage with their pages; what can you learn from them?

Check out the video recapping and going over the above post:

What are your thoughts on today’s post? Do you take notice to what your competitors are doing? Do you have a system or special file you keep? Please feel free to share your thoughts, comments or questions below.

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