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 In Your Cleaning Business, Are Your Employees A Blessing Or A Curse?

Did you know the average employee turnover rate in a cleaning business can be up to 300% a year! Why is it so high and what can we do about it as cleaning business owners?

Employees: A Curse Of The Cleaning Business? Do You Have Employee Pain In Your Cleaning Business? I Can Help YOU! - Blog post by Maid In Business

A cleaning business owner after dealing with employee issues

According to, when they surveyed 185 commercial cleaning contractors they found that the average cleaning company had a 300% staff turnover rate!! Yes, that’s 3-0-0… The lowest they recorded, in that particular study, was 73% for the year

In another study conducted by, they estimated the average cleaning staff turnover to be around 70%

Folks, lets not sugar coat, all reported figures are high. Did you know that an office based business has the staff turnover levels of around 15%! The cleaning industry is

The cleaning industry is waaaaaaaay behind

Holy Moly we have a cleaning staffing crisis going on!!

Why is staff turnover in the cleaning industry so high?

Cleaning as a profession, is, sadly, not deemed as a glamorous or serious one. In fact, I’d go so far as to say cleaning is not even deemed a ‘profession’ by around 90% of cleaners and the public at large. Cleaning is seen as “just a job” among the general cleaning workforce.

Cleaning work is hard work physically, the tasks are repetitive and monotonous, and sometimes cleaners don’t find respect from their employers, their clients, or from the working world.

Now, please don’t misunderstand that I would think all cleaners hate their jobs or have no commitment to them, no siree, not I.

I have people on my staff now that are what I call ‘career cleaners’, these are individuals that have given their professional life to serving others either by cleaning homes, cleaning offices, or a mixture of both. These are individuals that take pride in their cleaning work and would never leave a job until it was at their high standard – they are out there, I promise, I employ some, and I often joke that they will be the first people I’m going to kick into a cloning machine when one is invented 🙂 (well it’s not so much a joke…)

** Promise me, when you find a ‘career cleaner’, (and if keep going long enough and become reputable enough cleaning business (and you will) good cleaners start to find you)

hold on tight to a career cleaner, as they are worth their weight in gold to you, your business and your brand! **

There are several reasons why a cleaning business could have such a high staff turnover, other than the cleaning tasks, such as:

  • Rates of pay
  • Benefits and incentives within the cleaning business
  • Training
  • Support and structure within the cleaning business
  • Management/supervisors and how they manage their team
  • Conflict and problem resolution within the cleaning business
  • Amount of hours given Vs amount of hours needed for the cleaner

What can we do to lower staff turnover rates and improve our retention of employees?

There are several things that a cleaning business owner can do to help with the employee pains, including:

  • Have a structured recruitment and induction process in place for new cleaners
  • Have a structured training schedule in place
  • Know what YOUR expectations are of your cleaners
  • Have an incentive/bonus scheme for team of over 5 cleaners
  • Have a support structure for staff, let them know they are part of a team and appreciated
  • Have a review process for meeting with your cleaners regularly to discuss their wants and needs to talk over any training needs and/or discuss client feedback (an appreciated cleaner is a happy cleaner)

If all the above makes you worry about where to start, fear not, we are going to walk through this together and nail this staffing issue down. I am even ging to work out my own staff retention rates in my cleaning businesses, over the past year,  and I will report them back to you on another blog post – money where my mouth is and all that!

Staff problems are something I have faced many times, (many, many, many x infinity). Every time I have had my proverbial backside bitten by an employee or an employee related incident, you can bet that I have amended, developed or tweaked a process within my business to save myself from that pain in future. I’m going to share what I’ve learnt with you and I hope you will share what you have learnt in your businesess, and together we can all become staff retention ninjas!

Over on my Maid In Business Facebook page, I have published this week asking for people to comment, or send me a private message, telling me about their biggest pain point when it comes to employees… you did not disappoint me folks!

(Pssst! If you would like to contribute, there is still time, please just mosey on over to my Facebook page and “like” Maid In Business then simply comment on the post pinned to the top of my page, or PM me, whatever you feel the most comfortable with. Please feel free to drop me a comment on this post too)

MAID IN BUSINESS SCREENSHOT FROM FACEBOOK PAGE - Employees: A Curse Of The Cleaning Business? Do You Have Employee Pain In Your Cleaning Business? I Can Help YOU! - Blog post by Maid In Business

Employees are causes all sorts of pain points out there in the cleaning industry land judging from my inboxes, and it’s not limited to any one country either, we all feel this pain. I thank each and every one of you for the feedback and messages received so far, you all rock!

For May, I am going to be creating video and written content around the above-mentioned topics and around the pain points that have been sent to me from you guys.

The way I see it, if you are reading this and want to achieve any real significant growth with your cleaning business you are going to have to employee and train a team, at some point, there is no getting around it – no man is an island, my friend

What To Do Now…

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Until next time,

K x

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