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I am a big believer in share the love and share the knowledge, there are no scams here.
I straight-up want to help you grow your cleaning business. I like watching people do well and flourish in their success. It makes me happy to watch people who have doubted themselves rise up.

How To Find New Clients

Clients are the life blood of your business. If no body is buying from you then you don't have a business. But who are your ideal clients and how do we find new clients for our business? In order to know know who are ideal client is we need to know what demographic we...

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What Is Social Media Marketing?

In this post we discuss what is social media marketing and why we need it in our businesses. But first, what is marketing? Marketing is taking our product or service from concept to client - marketing is creating a method of making our product or services stand out...

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Want To Be The Boss?

Do you want to be the boss? You've been thinking about going self employed for a while haven't you? I mean, how hard can it be right? Do you have what it take to be the boss? Some people will have visions of business owners as being people who are rich, take long...

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Introduction To Maid In Business

Hello and welcome to Maid In Business... Watch this short video to meet Kelly and see what Maid In Business is all about. New blog post every Wednesday. Topics Covered by Maid In Business: Marketing Sales Recruitment Training...

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Is Starting A Cleaning Business Right For You?

So you want to be your own boss and start a cleaning business? You may have been a cleaner for years and are fed up of doing it for someone else and you feel the time has come for you to run the show? Great news, but how will you know if starting a cleaning business...

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