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About Kelly

Hiya. I’m Kelly, founder of Maid in Business and I want to help YOU to make your cleaning business profitable!

No gimmicks, no tricks, no blag.

10 years sales and business development experience and 8 years operating my own successful cleaning businesses are under my belt!

I didn’t learn how to run a successful business by reading a textbook. My talk has been walked.

After working my way up in large corporations, I quit my safe salary and all the perks that came with it, such as holiday pay and a company car, to start my own cleaning business.

And now, after 8 years of bloody hard work building my businesses, I am now going to share all of my experience, know-how, pitfalls, strategies and bad-ass expertise with you!

The making of Mrs Mopp

I own and run the Mrs Mopp Cleaning Group which I founded in 2008, after a change in personal circumstances.

Some years on with a LOT of work, sweat and (many) tears later, I have built two successful cleaning businesses, with two great teams of staff around me.

I have had massive success and achieved a lot of highs…BUT I have tasted failure, done a heap of things wrong, and made a million mistakes – costing me time, money, and some serious heartbreak along the way.

I decided to create Maid In Business after being asked the questions by other business owners about ‘how did I do X or Y?’ for my business.

My past successes and failures could be put to good use to help other seasoned business owners, as well as up-and-coming cleaning business owners to start or grow a cleaning business of their own.

And at the very least, save them a heap of time, money and stress by helping them avoid the mistakes and pitfalls of setting up a cleaning business.

I love business. Any business! I love to talk about business, learn about it, teach others about it and to do it! Ask anyone who knows me, I’m a bit of a business geek…

Maid in Business allows me to combine two great passions of mine: business and working with people who have drive and ambition.

I have the training, experience and proven results to help you start a cleaning business and to grow your biz to achieve your dreams!

What’s my background?

I’m a wife and mum, and Mrs Mopp (and later, Mrs Mopp Commercial Services) was created to fit around my lifestyle.

However, before my personal circumstances changed, my background was in sales and business development. I worked for both large national companies and global companies, was responsible for large financial targets, teams of people, and for the business growth within sectors.

What can I bring to YOUR table?

I am a big believer in share the love and share the knowledge – there are no scams here. I straight-up want to help you grow your cleaning business. I like watching people do well and flourish in their success. It makes me happy to watch people who have doubted themselves rise up. Kelly x

What are my skill sets?





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Please feel free to take a look at my LinkedIn profile to view my career history, and to see my endorsements for doing the things I say I can do!

Please feel free to join my network if LinkedIn is your thang!

I understand starting out in self-employment is scary and that the thought of starting and growing a cleaning business can seem complicated and too hard but I promise I can help.

Through Maid In Business, I will deliver small, bite-sized chunks of information, in a straight-talking manner delivered through videos, blog posts, free printables, and (coming soon) downloadable product workbooks.

No jargon, no fluff, just honest business advice, backed up with years of experience to help you start and grow your cleaning business.

Mrs Mopp in the Media

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My mission

I want to...

…help make YOU a confident and high achieving cleaning business owner

I want to...

…help make YOU feel as comfortable about the business and sales side as you do the cleaning side

I want to...

…help business educate the cleaning industry to get cleaners and cleaning business owners the respect we deserve

Do you have what it takes?


Not to be a party pooper...

…but as a full disclaimer: Running your own business is tough. In any industry.


Being the boss is fast and relentless...

…and you can’t switch off from being the boss, just because it’s 5 o’clock or it happens to be a Friday.

If you have...

…the energy, the ambition and the personal motivation to learn and do better for yourself, I can help you with the plan and strategy.


It will be a LOT of hard work to start and grow your cleaning business...

…so don’t be disillusioned about that! There are no get-rich-quick schemes in establishing a successful business.

Together, we will...

…make YOU a cleaning rock star – just don’t think it will be easy – as anything worth having is not easy, my friend!


Still with me?

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Are you ready?

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Let’s take over the cleaning world together!

Kelly x